Contact Watertown Taxi "The Blue Cab" for professional drivers offering taxi services including Watertown to Logan airport $29.50 flat fee, package delivery, airport pick-ups, and corporate services. Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Watertown Taxi offers professional taxi services at an affordable price.
$29.50  Coupon from Watertown to Logan
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(Prices do not include wait, tolls, extra stops.)
Please Mention When Calling
Also available for 
West Cambridge, Brighton,
and  Newton Corner.
Office Hours
Monday - Sunday
5:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Taxi Service
24 x 7
Located Directly Across the Charles River - From Watertown Square by the Car Bahn (The Bus Station)
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We Offer the Following Services:
Corporate Services - Weekly/Monthly Billing
Package Delivery - Airport Pick-ups
Advanced Reservations
State-of-the-Art Communications:
Blue Cab dispatchers use the state-of-the-art communication systems.


After waiting what seemed like YEARS for freaking Bay State Taxi to not show up at Target (or, as one driver did, to pull up, pick up someone else who hadn't called, and speed away), my two companions and I were getting desperate. Who did we know with a car? One friend...she's in New York? No problem, she'll probably get here faster than any other god forsaken cab company will. Let's give her a call. We started dialing--and just as our exposed digits (those are fingers you dirty minds) started turning purple from frost bite we saw it--a sketchy looking blue car ambling up the road. A kindly old gentleman stepped out--"you girls need a ride?" I was about to reach for my pepper spray (damn you Amanda for taking it) when this gentleman switched on his interior light--and there on the side it was: Watertown Taxi. There was another girl, also waiting for a cab. Our driver said to her: "I'll take these girls, and come back for you. Go back inside and get warm. I'll also radio to see whether we have another cab available for you.
"What service! We were making two dropoffs-- the first being at my apartment. Our kindly driver (who had also decorated his cab for xmas--despite my hatred of the holiday I thought it was endearing), actually turned off the meter and stopped the time from running while Katherine T. helped me carry a few things into my building. Watertown Taxi - - you are solid. I'll be calling again for sure. The rates weren't as cheap as the Somerville cabs but they've got Metro, Bay State, and all of those other jokers beat for sure.

Allix T. - Allston, MA
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